Aditya Malhotra

Aditya Malhotra

Full Stack Software Engineer
  • LocationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

About Me

Ephermeral learner. Software Engineer with experience in designing, developing and deploying multi-scale microservices in a collaborative, goal-oriented, Agile way.

I wanted to be a doctor when I was 7 years old but the sight of blood scarred me. Then, I wanted to be an astronaut and physics intrigued me as well but the thought of floating away into space was scary. For a few years in middle school, I took interest in every subject even vocational ones not knowing what I would do. I met C++ in grade XI (senior secondary school) and it wasn't love at first sight. I only fell in love with code when it called me an idiot for not being able to create a pattern using a bunch of for loops. Classic, isn't it?

Ever since then, I have worked on more interesting problems through undergraduate courses, multiple software engineering internships and full-time work.



Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
August 2022 — December 2023
Master of Science in Information Networking
Delhi Technological University (Delhi, India)
2015 — 2019
Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology


Full Stack Software Engineer
July 2019 — July 2022
At Zomato Ltd. - India
Software Development Engineering Intern
May 2018 — July 2018
At WeCreateProblems Pvt. Ltd. - India
Software Intern
December 2017
At National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India - India
Frontend Development Intern
May 2017 — July 2017
At MakeMyTrip - India

My Skills

C/C++ Go Python SQL Amazon Web Services Docker Git Redis Kafka Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure gRPC JIRA GNU Assembly Rest API Linux HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery ReactJs VS Code


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